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You're On Campus, Now What?

  • How to position your brand on campus.
  • The importance of prepping your team to ensure consistent messaging at the career fair.
  • How to assess candidates quickly and effectively during high traffic events.
  • Much more!
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In part two of this three part series we get tactical--focusing on tips and tricks to run perfectly executed campus events.

In this webinar Blake McCammon, Looksharp's Employer Advocate, is joined by Alina Tubman, Co-Founder of BYLT Consulting, as they dive into our a checklist of key steps you should do before every career fair.

In this webinar, you will learn:

From start to finish, how to successfully implement a career fair strategy.

Jackie Hallion, Manager of Campus Recruitment at CDM Smith

"Looksharp Recruiter has given so much time back to my team, it’s unbelievable. It feels like we’ve gained an infinite number of hours."

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