• The nitty gritty details on implementing a career fair strategy in your company
  • How to look strategically at which campuses to attend and when based on your hiring needs
  • Advice on how to work with other departments to properly forecast the need for interns

Implementing a Career Fair Strategy

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While most of your Fall campus recruiting activities are over it’s important to stay on the forefront of new trends when it comes to campus recruiting. For maximum ROI it’s important to be strategic and specific when it comes to the campuses you’re attending as well as the types of career fairs on those campuses.

Join Looksharp's Growth Marketer, Blake McCammon, Felicia Fleitman, Co-Founder of BYLT Consulting, a full-service consulting firm specializing in on-campus recruiting strategies and a special guest!

In this webinar you’ll learn:

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From start to finish, how to successfully implement a career fair strategy in the new year.

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